MlOrk – Performance on Tuesday

The Marianopolis Laptop Orchestra (MlOrk), of which I am a part, will be performing on Tuesday at Marianopolis, during Activity Period, in front of the auditorium. This is very exciting, and sehr gut. We will be performing using a mix of computerized instruments, including three laptops running ChucK (, the Wiidgeridoo (an instrument I created, using a Wii Nunchuck, an Arduino, and a speaker), a Theremin, and a few other surprises. It’s going to be very cool, and if anyone is reading my blog, and if they go to Marianopolis, they should definitely come check it out. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear it throughout the building, and you’ll be reminded to come see it. I’ll try to post pictures and samples later after the performance.


4 thoughts on “MlOrk – Performance on Tuesday

  1. You’re in an orchestra? I thought that you just played violin on your own.

    I need to come home so that I can be involved in your life.

    • It’s true: I play violin on my own (I’m not good enough to play in an orchestra… yet), but this is a _laptop_ orchestra. We play laptops :).

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