Open Source E-Book Reader In the Works…

What’s that? Yes, I’m working on an open source, relatively cheap e-book reader, that you can build at home. I’ll post more details once I’ve figured stuff out and bought parts etc. It will be really simple, relatively small, and pretty expensive (for those who aren’t students), but it should be pretty awesome. At the moment it’s just an idea rattling aroung in the back of my mind, but I wrote up a short concept paper on how I want it to work. I’ve picked out most of the parts I want, and it should be fairly simple, but the getting everything to talk the same language might be a little more difficult than I had originally expected. Also, since the Arduino (I’ll be using the Arduino as the brain of my e-book reader) doesn’t natively render text, I’ll have to figure out how to do it by hand. Tricky, but clearly not impossible. Again: more details to follow once I’ve figured out 1) whether or not I’m going to do it (though I think yes), and 2) once I’ve revised my paper on how it will work. Exams are coming up, but hopefully this will be my pet project for a little while.


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