I crossed this post out because I’m being a troll, and I’m not even posting in comments. If you want to read this, go ahead, but I don’t think this is the best post I’ve ever written by far.

As I woke up this morning at 1 in the afternoon, after a long night last night, I checked my e-mails and found an article about how health officials around the world are praising the Dr. Margaret Chan (The director general of the World Health Organization) for her reaction to the threat of swine flu. The article rambled on as the New York Times often does, dropping one though here, and then picking it up again after a few paragraphs on a different tangent. I read through the article, searching for something this woman did besides telling the world that a pandemic was imminent, and I could find nothing. Of course we had to hear about how she decided to become a doctor, and how she doesn’t drive, type or cook (all of the really important details), but there were no details about her doing anything else. I’m not at all implying that she doesn’t have an important job, or that declaring a pandemic to be imminent was a bad idea, but generally we try to publicly praise people for doing amazing things that no one else did. Basically, should we give the same praise to someone who twitted, “OMG Hamthrax! We’re all going 2 DIE!!!” The point I’m trying to make is that these days we praise people for everything politicians get up to a podium and the first thing they do is pat all their buddies on the back, and say what a good job they did. It doesn’t matter that how many thousands of people in Louisiana still don’t have homes, or that the FEMA trailers are rotting away into the earth; everyone involved did a great job, and we want to tell people about it. No, the fact is that they did a shitty job. There were a few who performed their jobs very well, and who risked their lives to save others, but when so many citizens went to Louiziana with fake press passes so they could get in and save lives, the government should not be pleased with its reaction. CEO’s who sink companies get million dollar bonuses. Why? Because the company didn’t sink as quickly as it would have if they weren’t involved. And when we praise the right people for the right things, we praise them and then forget about them. What about all of the emergency responders who worked at the Trade Center towers the day they were hit? They were praised for days, weeks, months, maybe even a year, and then they were forgotten. The government denies any complications that these people may have had from working there, and won’t pay for their treatment. They saved hundreds of lives, and it’s killing them.

Obviously this is a small crossection of events, which doesn’t really prove anything, but I think we should stop praising the executive officers and government officials unless they really do something spectacular. These people should stop padding each other’s resumes, stop wasting time and breath, and start doing something to actually help.

Note: Again, I don’t have anything against Dr. Chan, and I’m sure she did more than just climb up on the roof of the WHO headquarters and shout that the pig flu is coming to kill us all. The article was simply my “inspiration” (i.e. infuriation) for writing this post. No offence intended.


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