Buying Strange Things

Have you ever walked into a store and bought an especially strange combination of items? You get to the cash, the cashier scans your items, tells you the price, you pay, and you leave without a word. Now for things like condoms where you really don’t want someone to judge you, this is a good thing. In fact, most of the time this is a good thing. However, when I go into a store and buy a hot plate, a single iron skillet, a roll of duct tape and a pair of socks, I want someone to ask about it! I feel so bad when cashiers either look so bored or so brainwashed that they don’t care any more. If I buy weird items, I expect to be asked about it! If I were standing sheepishly behind the register trying not to make eye contact, that would be one thing, but when I’m acting normally, and obviously amused with the items I’m purchasing, ASK! I want to scream out, “Aren’t you the least bit curious?! Don’t you want to know?! JUDGE ME!!!”

Maybe it’s just me.


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