One More Pound

The Makerbot has taken it’s last pound of flesh (hopefully). Since I’ve evidently killed my extruder board, I just ordered a new, pre-assembled board. $82 Canadian with shipping and tax, it should be on it’s way soon. Assuming it gets here in the next week or two, I might achieve first noodle before school starts. (For those who don’t know, first noodle is the first bit of plastic extruded by the Makerbot once the extruder nozzle is hot enough).

Getting this Makerbot working, if you haven’t been following my previous entries on the subject, is going to be a big deal for me. It will mark the first, major project that I have taken from start to finish in a premeditated, methodical manner. Granted, some corners were cut, such as not painting the body (which can be done later), but for the most part I took my time on this one. I’ve always had a problem of being so excited about some awesome project that I start it, realize I don’t have the necessary tools or knowledge to finish it properly, and either finishing it poorly or leaving it unfinished and moving on. It’s true that I haven’t done that sort of thing as much since the start of highschool, but that’s when school took over my life, and I didn’t really have time to work on projects.

Now I’m in CEGEP (Americans and non-Quebecers, link: CEGEP), and I think I have even less time for projects, so summer is the only time when I can get this sort of thing done. Overall, I’d say that if I manage to get this Makerbot finished by the end of the summer, then I will have had a very productive summer indeed, and I’m proud of it. Not only will I have an AWESOME new tool, and a piece of the future, but I’ll also have taken a great step that I’ve been wanting to take since I’ve been tinkering with things – which is basically since I had the manual dexterity to manipulate objects (Side note: even as a baby I was interested in technology. Once I got a hold of a phone and managed to dial 911, and I also managed to take apart several audio cassettes.)

I’ll post pictures of the awesome beast eventually. I also need to come up with a name for it.


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