7 Projects in 7 Days = Epic Fail

Unfortunately not a single person commented on my 7 printed objects in 7 days post, so I won’t be doing it. I’m not being passive-aggressive, but I’m going to be kind of busy in the next few weeks, so I might not have time for it. Once I’ve got my Makerbot tuned and operating I might do some cool project-athon like that. On the other hand, I’m still waiting for my extruder controller to get here. Makerbot Industries is not the problem. The US Postal Service is the problem. When I was much younger, my family lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and my mom was a budget analyst for the city of Charlotte. Apparently, the local USPS distribution center was being used as a test-bed to see by how much the USPS could slow down delivery before people stopped using it all together. Why? Well cutting costs, of course. I would much prefer to pay just slightly higher postage (even though international shipping with USPS is already ridiculously expensive), and get things delivered more quickly, and in better condition, than pay the same price for terrible service.

If FedEx started a postal service for letters as well as parcels, I would use them in a heartbeat, even if their postage were 5 to 10 cents more expensive than that of the US postal service.


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