The Latest on Makerbot #56

I realized I haven’t posted anything about my lovely Makerbot in a while. It’s been printing along quite well of late, and I’m really satisfied with it. I ran into a few issues, but I was at fault in every case, and the problems were fixed pretty quickly. The greatest problem was the fact that extrusion seemed to start too late. However, while debugging another problem I had turned off oozebane. So after exchanging a few e-mails on the Makerbot Operators list, I learned that Oozebane dealt with this sort of thing. Remembering that I had deactivated it, and that it was not deactivated by default as I had assumed, I reactivated it and the problem disappeared completely.

The question that people ask me when I tell them I have one is inevitably, “What have you made with it?!” And my answer is almost always unsatisfactory, because I’m so completely enthralled in how awesome personal fabrication is that I’m more excited about the printing itself than what was printed. Nonetheless, I have printed some awesome things, which I will list in a moment. Some of them aren’t exciting in and of themselves until you realize that they cost me only a few cents to produce, when in the store they would have cost a minimum of $5, that I had them immediately, and could make whatever modifications I wanted, and that I printed them on an open source 3D printer. That being said, here’s the list as far as I remember:

Those of you who frequent Thingiverse may recognize that I have posted very few pictures of these. Once I get around to downloading the pictures from the three cameras in use in my household at the moment, I’ll upload them.

You may also have noticed that the Frog I mentioned is not on Thingiverse either… nor will it be in the future. This is because it is a gift to a friend of mine. I thought about it long and hard, and though I’d love for other people to be able to make them, I came to the conclusion that I want this to be a unique gift. I might post a rendition of it on Thingiverse at some point, but something in me feels like it’s more meaningful if there are only two in existence (even though one of them is missing a leg… printing problems also due to oozebane being deactivated). I could be wrong, and I’d be glad if someone contributed to my decision in the comments.

So that’s what I’ve made! It’s a much longer list than I had anticipated!

Finally, Makerbot #56 still needs a name. I haven’t run across anything as yet that really strikes me. It also needs a paint job. I decided to just build it because I was too eager to build it, and my thinking was that if in the future the wood gets damaged, I could simply buy a new laser cut parts kit or have one laser cut somewhere in town. Thinking back on it I might want to do some disassembly when next I have time and apply a few coats of paint, especially down underneath the XY stage where oil tends to drip.


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