It’s Been a Few Weeks

It’s been a few weeks, ladies and gentlemen. To be honest, most of the creative juices in my brain have been either sucked out by school work or dried up by pre-exam stress, so I haven’t felt confident in my ability to write anything interesting of late. So this is a a shameless update on my life, or at least the DIY/computer/EE/geek side of it.

In a few weeks I’m starting a company! Actually, there is debate at the moment as to whether this will be an actual company or simply a branch of my dad’s company, but one way or another I’m determined to make it happen! (See there is the issue of whether I can be employed under my dad’s company and start a new company. I’m trying to figure that one out.) Check back in about 3 weeks for more details! I’m planning to launch it before the end of December. It won’t be up and running in time for shipping before Christmas, but I’m hoping to at least get pre-orders set up by New Years so people can start ordering things.

So what does my company sell? Electronic kits. I’m going to be building and designing electronic kits that you can buy and put together, sort of like those you might find at Adafruit. These will be soldering kits of varying difficulty, which do pretty awesome things. The first kit (which you’ll have to read about when it comes out) will be aimed toward a younger crowd who want to practice soldering and learn some electrical engineering while they’re at it. The online manual will have pictures and instructions as well as descriptions of how each part works and why it was put in the kit. Once upon a time I was such a youngster, and I was always frustrated that kits didn’t get into the level of detail that I was looking for. Now it’s true that some of those details involved things I wouldn’t have understood like calculus and linear algebra, but I was ready for more than simply, “Solder this here. Now turn it on. Isn’t that awesome?!” Yes, it was awesome, but why does it do what it does and how. This frustration lead me to the world of Make magazine, Adafruit Industries, Arduino, Makerbot Industries, and finally, Flashgnat – my new company.

I’ll post more details about the site later (including how you can win some of my Google Wave invites…), but until everything gets settled I want to keep it under wraps a bit. (Though it’s worth noting that this is a somewhat shameless attempt to leak the word about my exciting new business opportunity. Open source, open shamelessness.)


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