OMG WTF! Apple Made a Mistake!!

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a lot of buzz about the new iPhone. Apparently it loses signal when you hold it a certain way – something about shorting the two antennae. If you haven’t heard about it, then you either don’t care, or you live under a ROCK because it’s been ALL OVER THE NEWS. Sorry for yelling in print like that, but, quite frankly, if I see another YouTube parody of the iPhone promo video, I think I’m going stroke out and die right here in my office chair.

Congratulations, world: you’ve discovered a flaw in the new iPhone. If you hold it in a very specific way, covering a strip of the edge of the phone that is approximately 1 to 2 millimeters wide, it will lose virtually all signal. Of course, how many iPhone users reported this problem? I haven’t heard of any. In fact, the only people I know of who are still obsessed with the fact are the media outlets that are making money because of the problem – but I digress. The fact is that Apple has egg on it’s face; it made a mistake. BIG. WHOOP. Look around you people; companies make mistakes all the time. My Nokia N95, for example, takes half a minute to load a single text message. That’s a pretty big issue, but someone at Nokia evidently thought that the code didn’t need to be optimized any further. Yeah, it’s slow, but maybe people won’t notice. (Guess again, Nokia.) But this blunder, made by this one company, has been taken to an extreme; if I’m not mistaken, this iPhone scandal has been going on nearly as long, if not longer, than the Toyota brake issues, and PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF THOSE!

So why is the media so hung up on the new iPhone? I think we’re just surprised that Apple made a mistake. Over the past few years, Apple has built high end products that just work. They do what you want them to, how you want them to, and they look good while they’re doing it. And if they stop working the way they’re supposed to, then you take them back to the store, speak directly to a human being (rather than the “I can fix your problems without any human interaction” automated operators that are so popular these days,) and they fix or replace the product for you. People like apple because their products are intelligently engineered; because a MacBook Pro with better specifications than most other laptops of the same price gets 6 hours of battery life during normal use, not just sitting idle in an air conditioned lab somewhere, and has a slimmer form than all of them.

I think people just expected the iPhone 4 to be perfect. They’re surprised that Apple actually made a mistake. So which says more about Apple: that the iPhone 4 has a minor, but noticeable flaw, or that the world expected so much from Apple’s latest product that a single mistake has their heads spinning?


2 thoughts on “OMG WTF! Apple Made a Mistake!!

  1. Very nice Peter. I totally agree with you, not only that but virtually all cellphones have areas that if held a certain way will decrease its connection. For example, if you slightly squeeze my Blackberry on its sides my signal goes way down too (I tried it).

    • Thanks! And there’s this report by Engadget, which seems to indicate that while the problem does exist, it doesn’t sound like it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. Users are reporting the problem, but apparently it doesn’t affect normal usage. One order of Schadenfreude; you want fries with that?

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