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No, sadly I’m not being payed to write my blog. But I’d like to be! Some of you may have noticed the new page at the top of my blog. Here’s the deal: I’m a student. At some point in the future, I’d like to move into an apartment. In order to move into an apartment, I need money, and to get money I need a job. Now I could work as a cashier, or shelving jars of pickles at the grocery store around the corner, or I could file papers at an office, or maybe work at a Starbucks… except I can’t. Because I know that I wouldn’t be good at those things, because I would lose my mind. One day I’d be pouring somebody’s half-frap mochachino low fat soy-milk latte with extra sugar and pumpkin spice, and I’d freak out. I’d gulp the steaming hot caffeinated beverage, throw down the empty cup, and run out the door screaming (imagine a similar situation with jars of pickles on isle ten in the case of the grocery store job.)

What I can do is write. Now obviously everyone’s writing needs work. I might dangle my modifiers every so often, or misplace a comma (though I have comma rules posted on the wall in front of my desk,) but I check my grammar as I write, which means I’m constantly improving. And I write a lot. I write two blog posts a week – one post on Wednesday and another that I usually sneak in some time during the weekend – and I write in my private journal. I proof read every blog post before I post it, even if it’s long… which, if you’ve read my blog before, happens frequently.

Obviously, as far as professional writing goes, I’m an amateur. But I’d like to think that doesn’t make me an amateur writer. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and scribble the alphabet, and I’ve been writing outside of school for about as long (I used to sit in the classroom during recess – of my own free choice – and work on a collection of short stories about a tree frog when I was in fifth grade.) I was never a grammar nut until some time in high school, but I’ve always loved writing, and specifically that aspect of writing that makes the reader feel. The ability to make someone feel an emotion or to start their brain moving just by forming a few collections of symbols on a page is fascinating to me. That aspect comes into play more often in creative fiction writing, but I consider blogging to be creative nonfiction writing. This is new media; it has to be new, ‘fresh,’ and different from old media, so bloggers have to think of new and creative ways to say things. I’m good at doing that.

This is all to say that while my resume isn’t very long, and contains no previous writing jobs, I need to start somewhere, and I’d like that to be here: on the Internet. I’d like to do freelance writing for some entity, be it a blog, a website, or some other container of verbiage (I’ll even write witty Tweets if you want me to.) The only restrictions are that I’d like to be paid, I want to work part time, and I want to be credited for my work with my full name. As the aforementioned page says, I’m willing to work around 10 hours a week, and will write just about anything, in any format, and of any length, be it longer or shorter than my usual style. The price range I’m looking for will depend on the work, but I can assure you that it will be quite low; after all, I’m a student. Just send me an e-mail (worldgnat at gmail dot com) or leave me a comment and we’ll talk.

On the other hand, if you know of someone who might be looking for a freelance writer, I’d appreciate your giving them my name and URL. If you do, I’ll make you something. Like cookies. Or a scarf.

Note: To the students among my readers, I won’t write your essays for you, so get cracking!  Also, I usually try to include pictures in my blog posts, and intend to start using Creative Commons Licensed images when I don’t have an image that I like, but it turns out that you have to obtain pictures to reproduce pictures of money


One thought on “Blogging For Money

  1. Good Luck! Happy job finding! 🙂
    If I wasn’t a student, and had a real blog that people followed, I would definitely pay you to write me articles!

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