It’s Not Wednesday, It’s Thursday


Crafting a blog post is an arduous process.


You’re walking along a beach. You see a green glass wine bottle, and you pick it up. There’s something inside! You manage to fish it out with the help of some cleverly applied sticks, and realize that it’s a blog post. But it’s Thursday, not Wednesday… you’re confused. Blog posts are supposed to happen every Wednesday and then appear randomly on some other day of the week, but this Wednesday’s post seems to have arrived a day late! And also, why are you on a beach?
The fault is, obviously, entirely mine. Today’s post comes to you from my kitchen table as I drink my tea, about to leave so I can take a differential equations midterm. I wrote a post for yesterday, but when I read it over I really didn’t like it, and for my personal blog I’d rather miss a day than post something I’m not proud of. And seriously, I stayed at school until 11pm on Monday. I was working on a calculus midterm for 5 hours straight – 5 hours of uninterrupted math.
Rest assured, however, that a fully fledged, exciting, new blog post should hopefully be coming your way this weekend, depending on how complete the subject of the post is. (Hint: it’s a project!)

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