Gay Gene

A while ago I heard that scientists were trying to find a gene that causes people to be gay. A lot of people are excited about this, because they think that it will somehow legitimize homosexuality. But I have two big problems with the idea. First, a genetic basis for the existence of homosexuality will create the ability to screen for it. Some people will undoubtedly push for homosexuality to be classified as a genetic disorder, while others might want to get their children tested for homosexuality. And what if we find the wrong gene? Kids who are tested for homosexuality (and genetic testing isn’t the high tech, difficult thing it used to be – people will figure out how to do it even if it isn’t mainstream,) there will be a bunch of gay kids who are neglected or even in therapy because they’re “trying to get attention” by “pretending” to be gay. What happens when we develop gene therapy? Fundamentalists will want their children “un-gay-ed,” and some fool is bound to try to provide that service.

Second: the reason for homosexuality isn’t, and never has been the issue. The issue is that people need to keep their noses out of other peoples’ sex. If a guy wants to sleep with another guy, who cares? It’s their choice. As long as they’re two consenting adults, leave them alone: their personal lives don’t affect you. If you think God will send them to hell, tell them and let them make the decision on their own. We shouldn’t care why people are gay; isn’t it enough that they are? The bottom line is that people need to grow up and let other people be happy. And this doesn’t just apply to homosexuality; as I’ve said before, there are ignorant people everywhere, criticizing other people’s behaviors for no reason other than they disagree. I’m guilty of this too: I’ve become involved in many a Linux vs Windows argument. It’s partially because Linux and the Free Software movement are things that I believe in strongly, but my reaction, instead of anger, should be, “Well, if you choose not to use it, that’s your choice. I, on the other hand, like Linux. Don’t attack my Linux and I won’t attack your Windows.”

It’s hard not to react to disagreement with anger, but it’s part of growing up, and I don’t think society will be able to tolerate different people until it grows up enough to learn that different people are just that: different, but still people.


One thought on “Gay Gene

  1. I tend to agree with you…

    I think that people should be allowed to study whatever they damn well want; I don’t like the idea of censorship. That said, when researchers have some sort of political agenda, it is akin to using one’s right to free speech to spread bigotry…While I’m sure that there are plenty of people who do research for its own sake, we do not live in a vacuum and our actions have consequences.

    Today I read a blog post about people who research gender differences, and someone wrote in the comments that one the reasons we see so many garbage articles about how women are naturally stupid/emotional/submissive/whatever is because those studies (which usually have barely significant results) are the ones that get picked up by sensationalist journalists and get completely distorted…

    So I’m pretty sure that example would apply to the whole gay genetics thing.
    That said, maybe the funding could go to something more useful…But that opens a whole new can of worms. Not everyone agrees that we should only research immediately applicable things…

    But I digress. I will shut up now.

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