Well, it’s still exam time and I couldn’t think of a new topic for Wednesday, so today’s post is another compiler comic. This will make sense to those of you who have used Java, especially if you’ve also used another programming language as well. I don’t know why, exactly, but different compilers have different attitudes for reporting errors, and Java tends to come across as whiny.

Java is afraid of your code. You forgot a semicolon.

There are two annoying things about Java. First, the phrasing of the errors is obnoxious. “Expected ‘;’ before token ‘)'”. Well that’s too bad, isn’t it Java, because that’s not what’s there! Second, Java has weird little ticks with things that “might” not be initialized. Even when there is no way that a variable will be accessed with being initialized (I have this issue around try-catch statements sometimes,) Java will still complain about it. And not only that, some really annoying cases could be easily avoided if Java would just man up and let it’s programmers deal with pointers!

That said, I have to admit that Java is a nice language, it’s just annoying sometimes. And it’s not as good as C.


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