This Year in Blogging

Happy Holidays!

I’m back after an unannounced New Years blogging break. It’s been a great holiday, and I’m almost ready to start school again, which is a good thing because McGill’s winter semester starts in two days. Now for blogging. It’s been seven months since I started posting every Wednesday, and I’m pleased with how well that’s been going. I’ve only forgotten to post once or twice in that time, and I usually don’t have much trouble thinking of something to blog about. I want 2011 to be even better.

What are my plans? For one, I want more pictures. I read a post on a little while ago that gave suggestions for blogging, and one of them was to include pictures in every post. I’m not one to do exactly what I’m told by every post on the Internet, but it seemed like a really good idea. The visual cortex dominates the human brain, which means that we’re very visual creatures. So adding pictures should make them more stimulating and add a little flavor to the text. Also, I just like taking pictures, so why not display them. Next, I want to make some more videos. Film isn’t really my medium, or at least not yet, but I’ve been getting into compositing and rotoscoping (basically, cutting things out of the shot or putting them in) lately, and I want to play with it some more. That’s right: I’m planning a sequel to the Power Flower video. Watch for it. Third, more proof reading. When I write, I spend a lot of time trying to communicate not just an event or a opinion, but an emotion or an ambiance. I want to spend even more time working on my writing. Finally, more of all of the above. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding another blogging day to my schedule. For those who don’t know, in addition to my weekly post on Wednesday, for the past few months I’ve been throwing in another post, usually on the weekend. The idea on the table is to add either another scheduled weekly post or another random weekly post to my schedule. I’m not sure whether I like the idea or how feasible it is, but I’m considering it.

However, this is not a New Year’s resolution. I don’t do New Years resolutions because I feel I’ll get tangled in them; I feel that if I make a New Years resolution and find something I should work on more immediately or realize that my resolution isn’t all that important, I’ll feel like I’ve failed. So I just try to fix things as they come rather than making one, big, monolithic resolution at the beginning of each year.

So those are my hopes for this blog in 2011. I very much appreciate all of you who read it, share it, and comment (on the blog itself, or on Facebook,) and I hope you’ll continue to do so. Happy New Year!


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