An Apology to the Blogosphere

This post was brought to you, in part, by a delicious cup of coffee.

This is a sort of apology. It’s an apology to you, the reader, but it should be more of an apology to me, or the universe, or whatever force it is that holds me to my word. Forgive me Blogosphere: I have sinned.

I haven’t posted in a whole week, which means that I’ve missed two posts, and I missed one immediately before my last post. Now, depending on how seriously or regularly you read my blog, this may or may not be a big deal to you. But it’s a huge deal to me. For a little over seven months I posted regularly, and then I had to go and mess it all up over these few weeks. The irony is that I actually wrote a blog post for every day that I’ve missed, and if you count the drafts that I started and abandoned, I’ve actually written more than enough to meet my quota. I just didn’t publish them because they were either boring or whiny, and I try really hard not to whine on my Twitter feed or blog. No one wants to read my rants about how my day was boring, or how I have to do work that I don’t want to do, or how I’m tired – that’s not what the internet is for. The internet is for exchanging interesting and stimulating information, not for “Oh man, my day sucked.” Ok, so maybe once in a while it helps to tell the world just how awful your day was, but I try really hard not to abuse that privileged.

So with that in mind, what is there for me to blog about? Excellent question. That’s exactly the question I’ve been asking myself since my last post: what should I write about. The past month has been spent mostly in front of my computer or in class. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I leave class at 11:30, do whatever administrative things I might need to do at school (~10 minutes on average,) hop on the bus, eat food when I get home, and sit down to work. Do I usually get my work done? No. What do I do? Another excellent question. My time isn’t being sucked into Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, since I’ve kept them blocked on my computer, and I don’t really get that many e-mails, so I’m not sure what I waste my time doing. I’ve written a few bash scripts, I wrote my first program in assembly the other day, but other than that I’m not sure. It seems like a relatively common problem today that computers suck time from people like black holes suck stellar matter from stars, the wasted time spiraling into the computer screen like a whirlpool of minutes that have been neglected and allowed to perish by their former owner.

In short, I’ve been wasting a lot of time, and that time wastage has led to a poorly maintained blogging schedule. I’m sorry to you, and to me, and to the blogging deities in the skies above us. There will be a new post on Wednesday come hell or high water. … Ok, actually, either hell or high water would cause a significant delay in posting, but short of those two, I’ll be back to my regular schedule starting this week.


One thought on “An Apology to the Blogosphere

  1. oooorrrrr you could blog about the two amazing classes I wish I was taking with you!!! =D
    take care! and I’m betting the blogosphere deities will forgive you. 🙂

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