C Doesn’t Care About Your Kernel

Due to a busier than usual week and the fact that the project I was planning to post today isn’t ready yet, I’m afraid I’ll have to post another compiler comic today. Maybe some day I’ll branch out from compilers into some other comic topic. Maybe some day I’ll take some drawing lessons.

Fun fact: When I first wrote "Poof!" above the addresses, it looked quite a lot like "Poot!" I enjoy the idea of memory addresses giving one last fart of defiance before being zeroed out.

Apparently, though I’ve never actually tried this, if you malloc enough data without freeing any, and if you have the appropriate permissions, a C program will overwrite all your RAM, move to swap, fill to the end of your hard drive, wrap around, and overwrite your entire drive with junk. Never drink and code in C, kids.

Also, no: this was not done in MS Paint, though the awkward speech bubbles would make you think it was. Apparently GIMP is terrible for drawing. I drew the main comic in MyPaint, then added the text in GIMP, and cringed all the way through.


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