Life Takes Over the Blog

We get some snow here every once in a while.

Once again, it’s been a week or two since I’ve posted on my blog. I’m not apologizing this time. A lot has happened over the past two weeks, and though I’m not going to get into details here, the short version is that I’m fine, and I just needed a bit of time to think more about school, more about life, and less about things I have to get done. I think it’s important to learn something from the good and the bad things that you go through in life. Learning doesn’t always mean writing down what you’ve learned, or taking notes for next time – sometimes it just means thinking an experience over for a while. If I’ve learned anything in the past few weeks, it’s that taking time to think is helpful.

When I went to school in Durham, sometimes I would go down to the track and walk by the creek that separated the track and baseball field from the soccer field and the rest of the school. It was a small creek, but it was enough nature to let me relax, and when the weather was right, it was a great place to think. I only remember going there once or twice, but each time I went  I was able to relax and let my thoughts wonder. Eventually I’d wonder to whatever I wanted to think about, and I could clear my mind and figure it out.

After I left Durham, I never really had such “walk and think” excursions. Once in a while I went for a walk in the park to get my blood moving and to think about things, but I never really sat down with the express intention of thinking about something: the intention to not leave the place where I was sitting until I had made up my mind about whatever it is I was trying to figure out. A week or two ago, I really needed to do just that, and I found a relatively secluded place at school, sat down, and started pondering. It helped.

So the moral of my story today is that sometimes you really just need to sit down and think. Whether that means going to a coffee shop and sitting down with a cup of coffee, or going to a field to walk around for a while, it’s important to spend sometime rolling things over in your mind.

On to a lighter subject, it’s getting to be kite season, which means that I need to finish my new kite rig! It also means that I need a new camera that I can get for relatively cheap since my last camera was smashed in a tragic landing accident. Along with the blog and everything else that is not directly related to “school” or “life,” my Makerbot has been on the back burner for the past few weeks. Once I finish the fume hood I’m building for it (spoiler alert) I’m hopefully going to settle on a design for the new rig and start printing parts. This new rig will hopefully be made entirely of printed parts, except for dowels, screws, and bearings. Maybe I’ll finish it in March. Of course, the chances of that happening are slim at best, considering that there are five weeks left in the McGill semester, during which time I have probably six assignments to do, three papers to peer-review, 120 physics assignments to grade, a play to help put on, and various other tasks to accomplish. Oh yeah, and a week after the end of March I have finals. My guess would be that you can expect a kite photography update some time after the snow melts which, in Montreal, won’t be until probably mid April. At least I hope it’s melted by then…


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