Spring Makes Me Want to Sleep

A nice warm weather picture to keep you going for the next month. This is Metis-Sur-Mer in Quebec (without the accents, of course.) It's low tide, which is why it looks mucky, but what beautiful muck it is! (Actually, most of what looks like muck is really ginormous mats of seaweed.)

If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting warmer. Not only over the past few years (i.e. global warming) but over the past few weeks. It’s a strange phenomenon that I remember happening not too long ago – I think we used to call it… yes: Spring! It seems like Winter arrived so long ago, and I have to admit that this time, for the first time in my life, I’ll be happy to see winter go. Spring is that friend that I’ve always liked but haven’t really showed the attention that it deserved. I’m always happy to see Spring, but Winter is always saying, “Look at me! Look at me! I have SNOW!” Usually that gets him all the attention he wants, but I’m tired of Winter’s antics: I’m ready for warm weather, newly growing plants, cool evenings, bike rides, kite flying, and large piles of salty, gray, melting snow.

For the past few weeks, partially because it’s the end of the semester and partially because the weather is getting warmer, I’ve been exhausted. I always get tired for the first few days of Spring, but this year it’s really draining me. Last week I slept through my alarm twice. I turned it off in my sleep, and I was convinced that my alarm hadn’t gone off at all (those who follow me on Twitter might have noticed a tweet to this effect; false alarm!) Having a bad pump site this morning didn’t help (nothing like ketones in the morning to make you feel like crap. The cure is a new site and coffee.) And to add to it all… it was raining today. It’s not the rain that makes you tired, it’s the unending gray. The whole world seems to be covered in a light that makes you want to sleep, as though the light were tuned to just the right frequency that makes your brain say, “Ok boys! Turn out the lights: let’s call it a day.”

Of course, what all this means is that Spring is right around the corner. In fact, the forecast for the next seven days has three sunny days – that’s more than we’ve had in weeks! For those of you still in despair, the average high temperature in Montreal for March is 2 degrees Centigrade, which jumps up to 11 in April. Hang in there. The warm weather is on it’s way.


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