The End is Nigh

I usually try to avoid cliches, but my cliche avoidance skills are pretty much nonexistent at the moment. So I say: the end is nigh. There remains less than one full week until classes at McGill are over and exams start. Most of the time, finals are like a mine field – you tread carefully around each exam/mine and take you’re time between each one so you don’t accidentally get yourself blown up. Well for me, this bought of finals is going to be a Hail Mary pass. The first two mines exams are right next to each other, so it’s going to be a bit of a running jump. After that I’ve got about two weeks until my next two exams, which are both on the same day. One more giant leap for a man, and I’ll be finished for the semester.

For the record, McGill University, allowing us to have final exams THE FIRST SCHOOL DAY AFTER CLASSES END is a horrible idea. How can you expect us to study for those exams? Seriously. That being said, I suppose I’ll just have to clean my desk, pack my brain full of calculus, and hope that by the time I get to the exam I still have enough capacity for rational  thought to pass. I remember when I used to get mostly A’s in school. That was before Engineering.

This summer should be interesting. I’m going to be working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill programming a robot how to learn how to navigate it’s environment. Yes, it’s very exciting. The only annoying thing is that, while I have exams and classes to worry about, thinking about extracurricular commitments really stresses me out, so I can’t really look forward to that as much as I’d like to.

I’m also planning to do a LOT of kite aerial photography this summer. I’ve been thinking about various designs, and I think I’ve settled the idea that the camera shutter should be actuated (I could have said triggered, but actuated is such a cool word) by an electronic controller rather than a servo. For one thing, the servo has to be placed in just the right position above the shutter button for it to work, and when the camera is being jostled by winds that have, on one or two occasions, almost pulled me over, fine adjustments rarely stay finely adjusted for long. I’m still not sure whether I’m going to use aluminium or wooden dowels with printed brackets to build the frame, but that’s the next quandary for me to resolve.

I also have a number of programming projects to work on like PumpDownload and pyBlag (I haven’t posted about pyBlag yet, and I might not. There are details about it in the linked page.)

So I guess this is sort of a filler/review post. This summer I’ll have more time to do interesting/blogworthy things, and to think about some philosophical posts. Hang in there. I know I am.


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