Midsummer’s Cleaning (Except it’s not actually Midsummer)

It seems that I usually blog about cleaning day, and I feel the need to do so again today. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually clean my room during the week before school starts, but today I decided it was time, even though I have at least a month and a half before the start of next semester. My “office” has been unlivable for the past few months, to the point where I could hardly even sit down in it. Notes from the past two semesters, books that need to be moved or re-shelved, papers that need to be filed, projects that have been put on hold, ants that need to be disturbed and moved along – all these things have been piling up on my desk and on the floor, and it’s time they “got gone,” as it were. As much as I like sitting around in my bedroom and working on my lap, there are some things that just require a desk.

The bizarre thing about my house is that it collects dust like nobody’s business. Yes, I use a duster. Yes, I vacuum, but if you leave piles of books and papers, like I have, for just a little too long, they get covered in this sandy dust that’s hard to get off. I have vacuumed paper before to get the dust off it. Add to the mix what is called “non-allergic rinitis,” or “my nose freaks its shit out all the freaking time, especially in the presence of dust and other allergens,” and the cleaning party has begun! I’ve learned that I need time to clean effectively. It takes a little push to get me going, and when I get frustrated, it’s time to stop for a while. After sitting and doing nothing (or writing a blog post about cleaning my room instead of actually cleaning it) gets boring, I go back in for another round. The process continues like this until my room is clean.

Since I’ve started writing this post, I’ve moved into the aforementioned “office,” so at least it’s workable now. I have an exam in a little over a month, and I’m really not looking forward to it. I thought this would be enough time to relax, but there’s a part of me that really just never wants to look at Calculus again. It’s sad, because I used to love math. At the end CEGEP I felt sort of mediocre about it, and that was mostly because I felt I wasn’t spending enough time on it, but this past year has just left me feeling stupid and angry, and a little fed up with math in general. I know that Computer Science is a rather mathematical field, but I think there’s just enough practical learning to get me through. I’m just tired of understanding things in class and then not understanding when I take the exam. I don’t want all A’s, I just want to feel like I’m learning something, not like it’s me versus the school all the time. Math class isn’t much fun for me right now; after all this crap I’ve gone through, it’s just becoming tiresome.

Well, I think we’ve all had enough of that for now. I’m going to go back to cleaning, and you go back to browsing the web, making dinner, watching TV, or whatever it is you interrupted to read this rambling, traditional, cleaning post. I hope it inspires you to make math education better, clean your room, go climb a mountain, or whatever it is you’d like inspiration for.


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