Rollin’ in the Heat

Last week, on rather short notice, my family and I packed a bag or four and started a long, 16 hour drive to North Carolina. There was no emergency, but it suffice it to say we needed to travel down for reasons of a familial nature. And yes: I said 16 hours. If you’ve talked to me in the past week, I’ve probably told you about the 16 hour drive. I’ve probably bitched and whined, moaned and complained, and told you that the total driving time during the entire trip would meet or exceed 32 hours. And it’s true: it’s a long, freaking, drive. What I probably didn’t mention is that this would not be the first time I’ve made this drive with my family, but it is the first time we’ve driven down and back rather than up and back; that is to say, from Montreal to North Carolina and back again. When we were first considering moving to Montreal, we drove there several times. We stayed in Montreal, Mt. Tremblant, and Quebec city, and sometimes we’d split our time between two of the three. When we finally moved up, I spent the 16 hour drive wedged between my mom and dad in the cab of a 20 foot U-Haul truck with our car in tow. So when I tell you that spending 16 hours in a car is a long time, I speak from experience.

The point of all this is to explain that I’m currently in North Carolina, and that it’s really hot. I love going back to North Carolina, despite the fact that I’m not likely to move back any time soon. There’s a big part of me that feels very much at home here, and I don’t think that will ever change.

So that’s my brief moment of weakness for the day. Without further ado, here are some pictures of the trip down. These pictures are from the Blue Ridge Mountains. I might have played with the thresholding and saturation levels…


This is a rather typical picture of the Blue Ridge. I have a few of these on which I intend to try out HDR.

Note: I’m playing with a new Theme. I hate to change the theme so frequently, but the old theme feels to clunky.


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