It’s Too Hot To Move

Well I’m finally back in Montreal, and it’s much, much cooler… than the sun. Yes, it’s freaking hot, even in Montreal; even though we’re at a much higher elevation than North Carolina. The high temperature for today is only 6 degrees hotter than in Durham, NC right now, which really says something. I’m not sure what, but it says something, and it’s sad.

When it’s this freaking hot outside, and when you hate the heat with as viament a passion as I do, there’s not much you can do. Sure, I could be studying for that exam I’m to taking in August, or I could continue cleaning my room, but all I really want to do today is read, write, and drink cold tea. Getting up out of my chair is sort of iffy, and leaving the house? You’ve got to be kidding. I’m getting in the habit of running at night, which is a pleasant way to get some fresh air before bed and get some exercise, and it’s the only way I’m stepping foot outside if I don’t have to. The windows are (mostly) closed, the little, tiny, poorly placed AC unit in our house is cranking at full blast, and we’re all just sort of suffering through the heat and not doing much. My consolation is that I have to go to work tomorrow, and the lab has it’s own AC unit. Also, sitting or lying down in front of a fan is great; the lack of movement seems to make the heat easier to bear.

So do I feel bad about loving air conditioning so much? Do I feel like a lesser man because I’m trapped inside my house by weather which – all things considered – really isn’t that bad? Well, yes, to an extent, but also HELL NO. It’s really hot outside today. Don’t go outside. Read a book and drink water.

Toasty kitten is toasty.


3 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot To Move

  1. I dunno, I love the heat. Of course this much istoo much, but I have a fan in my room, so I can play assassin’s creed all day every day until I beat all 3 😛

      • Actually, it does feel like the warmer summers balance out the cold winters to an extent. Or they’re both just miserable…

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