Making the Switch

As many of you know, toward the end of last year, I realized that I was not cut out for the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University, and that the Faculty of Engineering was not cut out for me. I didn’t fully know what to expect when I applied, and I quickly became fed up with what I found to be too rigid and uncompromising an educational and administrative system. Regardless of my opinions about the Faculty of Engineering at McGill, and to what degree they are or are not accurate, I realized that – for me – Engineering was a bad fit. On the other hand, I’ve always loved Computer Science, and my interests inside and outside of school were drifting in that direction. So at the end of this year, I decided to transfer to the Faculty of Science and major in Computer Science.

I’m abso-freaking-lutely ECSTATIC to say that I have just been accepted! I don’t mind telling you that this whole situation scared the crap out of me. I won’t bore you with the details, but my academic life would have become quite complicated if I had not been accepted. Computer science feels like a much more natural fit to me, especially since I already spend a sizable portion of my spare time programming (as anyone who follows me on Google+ will know….) I’m glad that the waiting is over, and I’m glad that I can get on with my life and my studies!

Honestly, it feels scary to pick a major. There are so many areas of study that I like, and so many things I can see myself doing when I’m older that it’s hard to sit down and pick one of them to which I’d like to dedicate the next four or more years of my life. But as I let this acceptance sink in, I’m realizing that what really matters is that this feels right. And I’m excited to get this thing started.


2 thoughts on “Making the Switch

  1. I think you picked the right major. The School of Computer Science is great. A major in CS will give you the flexibility you need. I did Computer Engineering and hated the rigid curriculum. Switched over to CS for my Masters and everything is much smoother now.

    • I’m glad you think so! Even during the few dealings I’ve had with the School of Computer Science, I’ve noticed exactly that: there’s a flexibility in the curriculum that I need to keep myself sane.

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