School Called: It Said It’s Excited to See You

It’s almost time for school! Yes, you’ll have to get your stuff together, mount whatever mode of transportation you intend to take to school, and start attending classes again. Getting out of your PJ’s is optional, but recommended. I, for one, am excited. I’m in the right program this time, which is part of the reason I’m excited to go back, but it’ll also be nice to be forced to get out of the house every day. When I don’t have to go out and do something during the summer, I’d usually rather just sleep. Sleeping too late usually gives me headaches, so I often get up around 11 and do nothing (more or less) until about 4. Then the mood may or may not strike me to do something, at which point I usually consider it, decide against it, and go back to doing nothing. Ok, so somewhere in there I usually do something productive once in a while, but my summer days are pretty lazy. Work has been fantastic for keeping me active and getting out and about this summer; I’ve been riding my bike every week day, and getting up before 10 almost every day. But that’s not the only reason I’m excited to go back.

When there’s a possibility that you might be forced to take a semester off, you start to appreciate the opportunity to go to school a whole lot more. It’s not like I would have had to permanently leave school, but switching to Computer Science, had I not gotten in this time, would have required me to attend Concordia for a semester to boost my GPA. Doing that would require me to not miss the application deadline, like I did for the Fall semester. In fact, by the time I found out what the application deadline was, it had passed by a few months. Would it have been that bad? Would I have hated having a few extra months to relax before trying to fix my slightly bruised academic standing? No, but it would have complicated my education a lot, I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue my research into the fall semester, and I would have felt like I had failed out of school, even though I really didn’t.

So there’s nothing like surviving educational turmoil to get you excited about studying again. I’m excited to go back to school again, and I hope you are too. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, it’s stressful, and it takes time away from doing other things, but we’re lucky. And besides, what else would you really be doing?


3 thoughts on “School Called: It Said It’s Excited to See You

  1. I know you in real life and stuff. I’ve been feeling like I’m failing out of school ever since I dropped that icky circuits class in my first semester, and I haven’t even failed one course. I’ve been trying real hard to tell myself that starting over (more or less) isn’t a setback but I get slightly annoyed and discouraged when I realize it will be another four or five years of undergradness (undergrad-dom?).

    Then I talked to a friend of mine, who made me feel a little better when he told me that life after university is the high school to retirement’s university. I guess being on the right track is what matters.

    • Honestly, and I hate to use this cliche, I think it’s what you make of it. It’s disappointing to have to spend extra time figuring out something you thought you had already decided, but it’s a lot better to decide now that you don’t like what your doing than figure it out after completing you Bachelor’s.

      I’m uneasy about the sentiment, though, that one part of life is better than another. I think it’s give and take, like everything else. It’s important to find a way to enjoy whatever stage of life you’re in. It’s not at all easy, but I think it’s important. And to some extent, you can control the quality of your life at any given stage. People of all ages realize that they want to do something they’re not doing, and then decide to go out and do it. I think it’s also important to hang on to those examples, because there’s no sense in wasting time on something that doesn’t lead you, in however small a way, to accomplishing your dreams.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I don’t plan on being “old” in the traditional sense, and I sure as hell don’t plan on becoming dull…

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