The End of a Blog Hiatus, The Start of a Year

It seems that, once a year, I end up taking a break from blogging. Most of the time the reason is that I’m overwhelmed with school work, and that is usually followed by a few weeks of responsibility-shirking that I call “vacation.” Well, this year’s blogging hiatus is now officially over. You can resume sleeping soundly, breathing easily, and eating a steady diet.

So, in the tradition of the blog hiatus, I’ll start off this blog post by telling you what I’ve been up to when I wasn’t blogging.

Toward the end of the semester, I decided to move out in January. I started looking for apartments, I visited a number of apartments in the McGill Ghetto and the Plateau (two areas near McGill where lots of students live,) and found absolutely nothing I liked. Rumors about the McGill Ghetto being largely full of expensive apartments in relative disrepair are all true. Most of the apartments I saw were small, cramped, and got hardly any outside light at all. Of course, on my budget, I knew that finding an apartment with a workable kitchen and plenty of sunlight was a long shot, but if you’re looking for nice apartments, I’d start looking somewhere other than the ghetto. Sunlight, as I’ve discovered recently, is very important to me. If I don’t get enough light, particularly in the morning, my day starts out bad and goes downhill from there. Some people might call it seasonal affective disorder, but I think that’s horse-puckeys, because I love winter and fall. I’d prefer to call it “there’s tons o’ clouds out there; it feels like night ALL THE TIME and it’s making me FRICKIN’ UNHAPPY!” Anyway, a 23 watt CFL bulb on a timer that comes on at 7:30 when I need to get out of bed seems to help. Now I need a poster of the Bahamas or something to put up in my room.

I haven’t been building that many things recently. I had a bit of a panic last semester when I realized that I was completely lost in two of my classes, and that I hadn’t been studying enough for another class. I spent the last two or three weeks of the semester studying like hell, and if I do say so myself, it was totally worth it. I haven’t gotten the grades back, but I’m proud of my effort anyway. For the first time since high school, I actually completed my goal of starting to study two weeks before the exam. I’ve never been one to study very much, but ever since high school my study habits have all but bottomed out. A professor in CEGEP once told me that the further you get in your education, the more you realize that it’s what you did during the semester – not what you did right before the exam – that determines how well you do in the end. Every year since then, when I’m making a valiant effort to stuff too much information into my already over-crowded brain, his words ring in my ears. It’s too late, I hear myself saying, I should have done this before. Well, this year I learned an extension of that lesson: even though what you did during the semester counts more than what you do at the end, you can still work double time and succeed, provided you catch yourself early enough.

Another lesson I learned this semester is that I can’t study at home. I suspect this is true for many people. It’s not that there’s so much going on at home, or that I’m easily distracted at home, but when I’m at home, my mind doesn’t want to do school. School work happens at school, and sleep and projects happen at home; that is how my mind works. So expecting myself to study at home is torture: half of me is frustrated because I won’t study, and the other half just wants to go to sleep. So the solution, it turns out is to study at school. And because I’m lucky enough to work in a lab at McGill, I study in the lab, which affords me a nice, quiet place to work. Coffee helps too. Admittedly it was expensive, but for about two weeks before my last two exams, I bought an OMG WTF sized coffee at Starbucks every day before I started to study, which was my reward and daily caffeination. Say what you want about caffeine: I frickin’ love it*.

In the next few days, I plan to write a New Year post (as is tradition here at Worldgnat’s Blog**,) a post about some project I’m working on (there are many, which haven’t been touched in months,) and a compiler comic. I’ll probably go back to my old schedule (one post on Wednesday, and one some other random day during the week.) I hope you all had a Merry Winter Holiday, that you’ll all have a Happy New Year, and if you don’t believe in holidays or new years, then I hope you didn’t and won’t have either of those, and that their non-existence was and will be merry nonetheless. I leave you with this holiday picture of me sitting in front of a Christmas tree, wearing an apron and a blue Christmas hat with Vulcan ears attached that I made myself (the ears AND the hat. From scratch. Hell yeah.)

"Christmas" is illogical. Nevertheless, live long and prosper.***

*Just so you know, it’s been at least a week and a half since I’ve had a drop of coffee.

**I should give my blog some hip-looking acronym like WBg. People might think that there was some purpose behind the name other than “I need a name to give my blog a name and the handle that I use everywhere on the Internet seems appropriate. Also: consistency FTW.”

***Yes, that is a Questionable Content “Baking is Science for Hungry People” apron. You should go buy one and bake in it.


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