Something Awesome is Coming…

I generally avoid promoting things on my blog. In fact, I generally avoid promoting my blog on my blog (notice how I don’t ask you to subscribe or anything, even though I really want you to.) But for the past month, I’ve been working on a project that I feel I have to promote. It’s a project that has consumed many of the waking hours of my life. My job has suffered because of it, I’ve been exhausted because of it, and every minute will have been totally worth it. And I have to promote it, because it’s going to be freaking awesome.

The musical I have to promote is Cabaret, produced by Music Theatre Montreal. You might have seen Cabaret already, but I can assure you that this rendition will be worth seeing. Less than a year ago, Music Theatre Montreal put on Into The Woods (Technical Direction by yours truly,) which recieved a rave review in the Montreal Gazette, and we’re back again with Cabaret.

Music Theatre Montreal’s strength is it’s ability to combine professional people with the tenacity that comes from working on something you believe in. Since we’re doing this strictly because we love it, we put our hearts and souls into it. And while I complain a lot about how much work it is to put on a show, especially one with as complex a set as our production of Cabaret has, I secretly love every minute of it.

I invite you to watch the following promotional video that we spent 14 hours working on last Saturday, and which our director has spent many hours since editing. And I defy you to not be astounded.

The show will be in D.B. Clarke Theatre, starting on June 22nd. Please visit for more details. I will be overwhelmingly pleased if you go see it, and I’ll be even more pleased if you tell others about it.


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