More Spammer Chili

You may remember my post from a few months ago when I made Spammer Chili. Today I’m writing to update you on some awesome changes that I’ve made to the Spammer Chili recipe, so that you can share in the awesome, and so that I remember them the next time I make it.

First, an eighth of a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper isn’t nearly enough: use a quarter teaspoon. If you’re craving something spicy, try a half or even a full teaspoon, but strictly at your own risk, because I haven’t done it yet myself, and I don’t know how hot it actually is. I.e. don’t come whining to me if you ruin your chili and burn your mouth.

Second, before making your chili, “prime” the pot by cooking bacon in it. Cut up between four and eight slices of bacon, coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil, and cook the bacon until it’s browned, but still meaty. Remove just the bacon (not the fat; leave the bacon fat right where it is,) and continue making chili as per the recipe. Then, when you’ve got around ten minutes of simmering left at the end of the recipe, add the cooked bacon and stir it around. Delicious bacon is delicious, especially when added to Spammer Chili. (Also, here’s a link to a poem about bacon that I found on Reddit, to get you in the mood for bacon. You’re welcome: Poems are Hard.)

Third, since I haven’t gotten around to buying black pepper, I’ve been using Maison Madelon‘s Maple Pepper, which is freaking delicious. I use a couple of healthy grinds. My recipes are pretty free-form, if you hadn’t already guessed.

Finally, tonight I felt like switching things around a bit, and rather than just eating chili (because anyone can just eat chili,) I made chili tacos. I highly recommend Spammer Chili tacos. They have all the delicious qualities of chili, with all the portability of tacos. Just be careful not to spill chili all over your pants like I did, because that would be embarrassing*.

I have to say that I’m still really stoked about Spammer Chili. I eat it around once a week, and I get really excited every time I make it. This is definitely one of my go-to meals when I’m not sure what else to make, and I love having left over chili the next day. Some days, it just feels like a Spammer Chili day.

*How do you make something embarrassing less embarrassing? Share it on the Internet.


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