Hot, Crappy, Miserable Day

Today, to put it bluntly, was not a terribly good day. Every Saturday, I make pancakes for breakfast; it’s a fun little ritual. Except that most Saturdays it’s frustrating as hell, because something usually goes wrong. The first time I ever made pancakes on Saturday morning, the gluten free flour I was using decided that it would burn onto the pan, but never cook. It was the batter from hell. The few times since then, my Saturday morning has started off with some similar (although typically milder) panic, and gotten gradually much better from there. I should have known that today was going to suck when – despite the fact that I had less pancake mix than the recipe called for* – the pancakes went off without a hitch.

After eating my pancakes, I had planned to head over to Maker Faire, leaving at 11:30 so that I would get there at exactly 12. I wanted to be there when it opened, for the principle of the thing. Well, it turns out I forgot that I had a driving lesson today at 12, and fortunately my driving instructor texted me to remind me half an hour before my lesson. Maker Faire would have to wait. After my driving lesson, I got changed (I always leave my driving lessons smelling like air freshener,) ate some lunch, and decided to go off to Maker Faire. It was about 2 at this point. I would still have around four hours to explore before the faire was over, and although I was tired, I was still pretty stoked about it. So I ventured out in the awful heat, my dad’s camera in tow, to check out Montreal’s very first Maker Faire.

I got there, bought my ticket, and went to the entrance. A volunteer took my ticket, ripped the perforated tag off, and the security camera asked me to open my bag. Nope. DSLR cameras aren’t allowed. First of all, IN WHAT FREAKING UNIVERSE are DSLR cameras not allowed at an outdoor event? And it’s not all cameras either; no, cell phones and point and shoots are fine, but DSLRs? Aw hell no. Second, check my bag BEFORE you tear my ticket up.

I should say at this point, that my annoyance has nothing to do with the lovely people who organized Maker Faire; they had nothing to do with this silliness, as far as I know. Whoever it was, they’ve officially made my shit list. So when I find out who it is… I’ll glare at them… grumpily.

The security guard helped me get a refund, and I made the trip back home. However, a friend of mine was recently featured in a documentary film that premiered at the Montreal Film Festival called Echoes, and I have been meaning to see it. I had checked the times earlier, and it was playing at 5 tomorrow (Sunday.) This being Saturday, I assumed the times would be the same. NOPE. I went all the way out to Cinema du Quartier Latin to find out that I had missed the movie by two hours. This was my second trip out past Berri-UQUAM metro in the ugly, humid heat today. And at this point, I was still fine. I wasn’t grumpy, I wasn’t angry, I just thought, “Oh well, I’ll buy my ticket for tomorrow, and I’ll see it then.” I bought my ticket, and trudged back to the metro. And that’s when things started to go down hill.

Sometimes, the crumby days just creep up on you. It’s not until the end of the day – around 5 or so – that you realize that it was a crap day for no reason. That’s usually when I retreat to my room and do whatever I think will make me feel better, and that’s exactly what I did today. I went to the store and bought a bottle of Diet Coke and some pasta, poured a massive glass of said carbonated beverage with lots of ice, and sat down in my air conditioned room to cool off.

And here I sit. On days like this, I’m reminded of the saying, “Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you.” Well the bear got me today, or at least he tried. Despite my two failed outings, I still managed to do quite well during my driving lesson, and I made and ate delicious pancakes. And tomorrow, I’m going to Maker Faire and to see my friend’s documentary. It’s still supposed to be hotter than the hinges of hell tomorrow, but I’ll live. It turned out not to be such a bad day after all, but that bear really gave it his best shot. Another thing I remember on days like this, is something Jeph Jacques of the web comic Questionable Content once said, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta let a shitty day be a shitty day and move on.” And that’s exactly what I try to do whenever I’m having a bad day. The bear can have today, because the next month is mine. For every day the bear gets, I’ll take thirty or more. He’s had his one day, and tomorrow I’ll be back in force.

Until then, I’ll be at home eating sausage and home made macaroni and cheese, and drowning my sorrows in Diet Coke and Star Trek**.

*I usually make pancakes from scratch. However, after the aforementioned incident of the pancake batter from hell, I went out and bought gluten free pancake batter at the store. Not as good as the ones I make, but it did the trick. Dammit, I wanted pancakes!

**Yes, one of my goals was to eliminate TV from my day, but I do love me some Star Trek, and I chose to finish Deep Space 9 now so that I’m not tempted to watch it once school starts. It was a tough decision, but someone had to make it. Those episodes aren’t going to watch themselves.


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