This page was woefully out of date. I’m updating it though, so check back later.


6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi P.D., Just to say that I’ve been reading worldgnat and finding it well written and interesting. PumpDownload sounds like a great idea! See you in school! Best from Monique P

      • Not really. All meters download to a computer (the ones worth mentioning, anyway,) but the trouble is reverse engineering the protocol they use to transmit data. After you’ve got the baud rate, parity, and other settings figured out, and you’ve sniffed the port during a transfer with the original software, you have to figure how to decode that data. Some meters/pumps use a simple comma delimited format, where others seem to use some kind of bizarre method of vomitting the data types in binary, which makes them completely unintelligible to anyone trying to sniff them. I’m going to put some more work into it this summer though, and I’ve been doing more hardware interface programming, so hopefully it will be easier this time.

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